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dob aug. 14, 2015
Show Name: Sussex Hills Kennel
Location: Morristown, NJ
Show Date: Sunday, August 30,
Total Entry: 739
Best In Show Judge: Dr. Gerard
Dog Reg: GCh Cherokee Legend
Cowboy [Dog]
Breed: Bulldog
from the Puppy Dog Class at the Nationals in his first week in the
ring, our expectations for Cowboy have been very high.  Cowboy
finished his Championship from the Puppy Class and has already
won BEST IN SHOW and 4 Reserve Bests In Show, 20
Non-Sporting Group Firsts and 37 Bests In Specialty Show.  
Linebred to CH. Cherokee Legend Rock, Cowboy has an
outstanding pedigree.  
Sissy breed 4/28 2018 start count 1st day april 29
I think it would have been Jan 21 or 23
breed about Nov 23-2016

Sissy in season Aug 25, 2017 should be bread sept 4--sept 8,  thur 8/31 progesterone 1.75 9/2/17 9:00 4.8 morning maybe a
10 go in at 7:00 9/4/17
thur 8/31 prog test------------------------3rd nov, friday . =60 days from sept 4, c-cection     (28 days oct 2 monday ultrasound)

sissy implant sept 4, 2017 (holiday)

ovulation 5ng c-cection 63 days from ovulation not breeding date.
start testing 6 days after bleeding
fresh sprem lives 24 to 48 hours  frozen sprem 12 hours----We routinely recommend breeding days 1 and 3 or days 2 and 4
post ovulation with fresh semen, though one breeding is usually sufficient. With fresh chilled extended semen, because of a
24-48 hour life span, we recommend breeding 2 days after ovulation. As we discussed earlier, the bitch's eggs are just
becoming fertile at this point, so we should have 1-2 days of good con­tact time. In the case of frozen semen, we recommend
waiting three days after ovulation to do the breeding. This may make our clients nervous that we are waiting too long.
However, it ensures that all the eggs are fertile when we put semen into the uterus that may live only 12 hours. We do not
have the luxury of waiting around for eggs to become fertile.
Having an accurate ovulation date at the beginning of a pregnancy is also very important at the end of a pregnancy. A bitch's
due date is 63 days from ovulation, regardless of breeding days. This is extremely valuable for planned c-sections, due to
such factors as breed confor­mation, litter size, prior medical history, or complications arising dur­ing the pregnancy. It is also
very helpful when whelping. Knowing an exact due date not only helps breeders prepare for the arrival of a litter, but, often
more importantly, it can alert us to a premature or overdue labor, allowing for prompt medical intervention if indicated.
Some veterinarians have recently had great success using Lasix in the treatment of this problem. Lasix is the brand name of
the chemical Furosemide. Furosemide is a diuretic-saluretic. What it does is, it inhibits the reabsorption of sodium. The drug
is administered intravenously immediately after birth of the water pup. It is important that you consult your veterinarian if you
should suspect that your female dog may deliver water puppies.
9/26/2019 Rosee progesterone 4
puppie shots -first- aug 23 18- 5 way
we use spironolactone 25 mg tab 1 / day  C-nov 2 2017  ultrasound saw at least three puppies.
c-section,6/25 /18 200pm monday  Sissy breed 4/28 2018 start count 1st day april 29
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