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On Wednesday, June 24, 2020, 07:47:43 PM CDT, Anna Hollis <annahollisart2@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi Dear,

Thank you for your extensive response! You really took your time and  took me on a little journey in
your world and I appreciate your patience and zeal in telling me things about you with the main aim of
me getting to know you better as an open book. Wow! You have quite a story, while reading through I
feel the genuineness and getting into it well so I can vibe with you on every piece of information that you
have shared with me and I bet there's so much in common for you and I will like to know more about you
and get really into your world much better and see if we could work something out

God is all knowing and he has his ways and reasons that is beyond human understanding for every
action that he takes but one things is for sure that every of God's action is to give us hope a better life
and always will be for our own good, so He definitely has the best reason for doing ,  how often do you
see your siblings?! I still have my mother  and that part of my life I feel blessed for,i'm so happy about
my family, i have a daughter 30years old who got married last year with a happy home and a son who’s
also 33years old ,married to a 38 year old man :). He lives in London and runs a bistro with his partner.
Initially we had a very distant relationship when I first discovered he was not straight. It was hard to take
in because he was my only son and her sister which makes them just two and  I wanted grandchildren
from both of them . Anyways that is a  long time ago and now I have accepted him for who he is and I try
to appreciate him that way. Our relationship is a very complex one with ups and downs but I try to
remember that life is short and enjoy it all the same. Sometimes I tend to feel guilty about not showing
him enough love as a child because I wanted to toughen him up and maybe this had the wrong effect on
his sexuality by seeking fatherly love elsewhere since I was widowed. I don't know why I still believe his
sexual orientation is a Phenotypic factor and not a Genetic one

As a result of growing up in different cultures, I can eat almost anything, I'm very adventurous towards
food. I'm sure at this point you can tell I am always very direct and straightforward. I'm inclined to be
very spontaneous, I tell you precisely what is on my mind when I feel it and this has made me a honest
person naturally. I don't usually use age as a very important factor when I'm seeking a true companion.
I'm looking for a true companion and a permanent partner. However, I feel if you are going to find that
person you have to take things slowly and start out as friends and let things proceed from there.       

I discovered going to Karaoke a few years ago and I think it is a very nice way to have fun and enjoy
yourself. I like to sing but my voice limits my singing to a very basso kind :). I used to smoke but I quit in
2004. I still drink occasionally but it is usually Champagne or Red Wine. I'm also a very Optimistic and
Open Minded person. Being Optimistic and Open minded has always attracted others to me. Although
internet dating is new to me, I do think you are a sincere and Honest person.

I just felt like sending you a message on the topics of conversation we would be having if I was in the
same room with you. So now its your turn. Let me know something about yourself that you would usually
not tell people when you first meet them. Or maybe you can just tell me what you were like when you
were younger.  

PS: I certainly can't wait for this virus to be over already so that life can go back to normal

Take care


On Wed, Jun 24, 2020 at 4:36 PM Calvin Winders <bulldrummerbullies@yahoo.com> wrote:
I have done a great deal of artistic photo too but none that can match your internal and external beauty.
NOW  I Have had a  Hasselblad a RB67 4/5 camera Nikon  several Canon. and have photographed
many beautiful girls and woman more about my studio later All the bad news first!
I know you will and should not concenter me, as much as that would be beyond normal. But maybe we
could be close and even a loving friend. Parable of the Ant and the Grasshopper  I'm the grasshopper
(but I did not think the ant was a fool) the ant know what to do. I was the fool I look out for others and did
not see they were looking out for them self.
. Which I do not regret but I was very very naivete.  YOU have made the right choice and are a great
creative artist. I love the color I'm very creative too so was my mother I will send you photo of some of
her art. That is what has drawn us together  but I have failed financially I mite as well tell you up front. I
live on SS and side money selling bulldog. I'm tiered of raising dog but need the income. The  bank and
I have a very very modest home. truck and RV I own out right, I just got by selling two bulldog puppies.
Please don't delete me at this point . I;m a
starving artists, who made terrible decisions, I have no regrets and I'm very thankful for what I have. I
would never want to be a drag on you !!!!Not that I'm to proud I know many woman are better at making
money I don't know how to say this but you email was like getting one from a rock star.
But I have done some think short list Breed over 40 AKC champ dogs Owned the larges Photo
processing lab in Lake co Ill north of Chicago. Did work for Abbots labs, American can,  America
hospital, Made Cibachrome prints for Chicago art museum photo, for Miss junior Ill. her talent was my
photo Winner. photo rock country singers. naked photo of woman to give to boy friends I always Had a
a female assistant present. to protect me. photo for portfolio that got photo shots at Proter and
Gambles  I am tired now and you  tired of me by now. will email you again you you would like.
On Wednesday, June 24, 2020, 10:14:32 AM CDT, Anna Hollis <annahollisart2@gmail.com> wrote:

Good Morning ,

How is your day going dear? Hope you have a great day like mine, my friend (Cubanita) told me you
might contact me, and am really happy to hear from you because i never knew you will get back to me
but you did.  Nice to meet you Dear!  there was just something about your profile that preached serenity
and calmness and I loved the vibe.  you're a very dapper man! And I do believe we could talk more and
maybe get to know each other and see where things go

Here's little more about me:

I'm Anna Melody Hollis  , 58 years 5'6 Tall and I was born in Poland  and I grew up in the United
Kingdom , before I then moved to California for my higher institution  , presently live in sarasota Florida ,
before we can move on l hope long distance is not a problem for you? My Friend Cubanita And Her
Husband Just Met on SilverSingles Dating Site, am really happy about this, so that was why I asked her
to send you a note maybe l can be lucky to have my other half that I have been missing for  very long
time LOL!, because I am not really that type that believes in dating sites ,  Well am ready to relocate
and move on with my dream man if anything works fine in between me and him.

I'm blessed with a grandmother in Australia  ,Graduated from the California institute of Arts , I am a
professional antique and Art collector and the CEO of Anna Hollis Studio , had partnership and worked
for some large multinational corporations, Museums and Malls and l have been doing that for about 29
years now , you can look up my website  Annahollisart.com and you will maybe find a lot more
informations on my art studio and my works

I enjoy boating, hiking, camping, fishing, nature, walks on the beach, sunsets, movies, music, and quiet
nights at home and i like taking pictures by the beach or generally … I am a God fearing woman and i
was raised with a very strict catholic background with good morals and values am honest I do not cheat
or play games or drama, I can't stand seeing someone been intentionally hurt I have had my heart
broken before and will never pass that kind of pain to a man I'm a simple woman with a big heart you will
find that l am very caring, understanding, patient, loving and kind.

I am full of passion and romance, and have an endless amount of love to offer the right man.. I'm
searching to find that one man that will take my breath away, the one man that I can never stop thinking
of for any reason, the one man that the mere whisper of his name brings a smile to my face. he must be
not only my best friend, but also my soul mate so tell me more about you too.

Kindly see the attachment, my pictures are attached to this email so have a fabulous day today!



On Tue, Jun 23, 2020 at 6:46 PM Calvin Winders <bulldrummerbullies@yahoo.com> wrote:
Info from Cubanita --- On Silver Singles I use Woody (my middle name Elwood) My name is Calvin
Winders And I live in Arkansas. Did you you see my more recent profile.
I'm a straight male I do like to cross dress sometimes  (in fun) OTK (in fun) would like a equal Female
partner who likes role play.. I'm creative. I'm understanding. I'm not a sugar daddy. I have English
bulldogs.  I am very creative Do pottery when I can. I will tell you all about me If you have any interest.
If you don't have  interest just Email me back No interest    A friend Calvin
Always nice to read from you as well! One thing of a certainty is that first impression matters a lot, the
chemistry and connection from the first conversation can help to be a good determinant of where
things could possibly lead to and I am feeling positive so far as we seem to have a vibe that goes along
with each other. I am glad that you are in line with my opinion on how to build a solid foundation for an
ever lasting relationship.

Over the years, I have learned and come to realize that life comes in its seasons, i have had my fair
share of being hurt ad heart broken and I have also had times when I was living my best life feeling on
top of the world with no problems So right now I am carrying along the positive and leaving behind all
the bad experience only keeping the lessons from them  and i have decided that from now henceforth, i
only choose happiness and that is what i am chasing. From when I was little, I have read books where
the couple ended up happily ever after but I have never experienced that...if that is what you are
chasing and willing to experience at this stage of your life then I believe that we are on the same path.

. I really hope that this pandemic gets resolved and life gets back to normal again, am I the only one
that feels like I had my future and everything almost figured out and working out until the virus broke
out and shut down the world. Well I can't complain, everything in life happens for a reason and who
knows where this new friendship of ours could lead to so we gotta stay positive right?!

I like a person that is trustworthy and stays straightforward with me irrespective of the situation and I
hate disloyalty and not being able to put my all where I have my heart cause the other party don't really
got you like that so like every other lady, I like to be rest assured that no one else can take my place! I
have no tattoos and just the regular ear piercings. I love r&b, blues and some nice hip hop music
whenever I want to dance and let loose, do you like dancing ?!  I enjoy seafood and I prefer homemade
cooking to eating out simply cause I know I could always do better at cooking nice better meals than
even the restaurant, a lady gotta be proud of her skills right ?!  LOL!

After reading your last message, I have chosen to tell you some important aspects about my life from
the beginning. My parents met in Poland and the connection and chemistry according to them was out
of this world. After they got married, they had only one daughter(me) and decided to keep it that way.
We stayed in Poland for about 10 years where my dad tried to pursue a career as a Professional
Antiques Art collector, I got my passion for art from my dad but later he decided we would be happier in
the UK when he got an opening to become a Lecturer of Archaeology. So that's how I ended up
spending most of my teen years in Manchester. I met my late husband while I was at the California
Institute of the Arts. He was a very Handsome man, we were very good friends and after graduating
from the University we did not see each other for about 3 years. The next time we had the opportunity
to meet again we decided we wanted to be together forever. He passed away in December 2007 after a
long battle with Cancer.

My mother has a small circle of friends in her neighborhood and they keep themselves active and busy.
She's fairly healthy for her age and that makes me happy. I reach out to her about once a week and
when I'm in London I always try to visit her as often as I can, even though I feel it's not enough.

One thing I never do is regret and it has brought me to the level of understanding of the Human world
that I have today. Since I have been widowed, I did not try dating until in 2011. I was in a brief
relationship that nothing really ever came out of. I believe that every phase has its own purpose. I do
not exist in the past and I have always believed in LIVING in the HERE AND NOW!! TODAY is a gift that
is why it is called the PRESENT!

Asides travelling all over the world selling and buying Antique Culture, I'm a fine artist, I do several
types of paintings and I organize showrooms and auctions for art sales. My love for art initially didn't
help with my travelling around the world making sales, I was actually only painting buying and selling as
a side hustle while I was travelling about executing work related projects for a company I worked with
which was primarily involved in the developing and processing of Rare Earths materials in the High
purity sector.I enjoy what I do cause art is life!  

I have incessantly desired to explore the American landscape and the move to Texas has been very
fulfilling in many different ways for me. I am unable to really say I'm living the dream however I think
happiness is basically something we give ourselves. I travel a great deal for work and pleasure but I'm
about to eliminate travelling for work altogether. Exploring the globe is a hobby I hope to continuously
undertake for the rest of my days on this planet. I was born into a Christian home but as time passed,
the circumstances surrounding me made it imperative that I experienced other ways of life while
growing up. Attached are some new pictures of me from my last trip to Portugal , even tho they were for
business I still tried my best to have experience the natures and places which I enjoyed so much , I go
to Portugal like every year since the past 4 years and that’s not a problem and the last time I went for a
total pleasure was last year which you have some of the pictures also .

I'm inquisitive about many things including: history, humanity and world cultures. I enjoy modelling for
hobbies, taking beautiful pictures by the beach or just generally. Nature has a therapeutic and positive
effect upon my spirit, in addition to its beauty, it makes me feel connected to the Universe. That doesn't
mean I don't enjoy the pleasure of just relaxing at home. I have come to acknowledge the fact that I am
a practical individual who is complex sometimes but established in a few values that I believe are
universally good. Am I perfect? Certainly not! Who is? But my sincere desire is always to understand
and make use of my imperfections, with the intention to become the best that I could possibly be as an
ordinary functioning woman.

Do you still have a profile on silver singles ?! I must confess I already find you very interesting and I
can hardly wait to read a message from you.