Cal handling Ch. Altamira’s
Scarlet Starlet – She won 3
Best In Shows. Bred by Mark
Davis and owned by Barbara
Calvin Winders love for dogs and for the SPORT OF EXHIBITING his
dogs started over 60 years ago.
Years ago, when Calvin was a young boy he became very ill with rheumatic fever. He
couldn't go to school or play with his friends for a very long time. Calvin's doctor
suggested to his parents that it would be nice if he had a dog to keep him company while
in confinement to the home.
Cal make a decision as to what breed of dog he would like to own.
After going through the pages of this Dog World magazine several times, looking at pictures and
reading about all the different breeds, Calvin decided he would like to own a Cocker Spaniel. They
found a breeder in that magazine that lived about 90 miles from them and called to set up an
appointment to meet the Wyngarden's and the Cocker Spaniel they had for sale.
The next weekend Calvin and his family drove up to Richard and Lorraine Wyngarden's, Creekwood
Kennel of Chicago.
The Wyngarden's were very nice people and took the time to tell the Winders family all about the
breed. As it turned out the Wyngarden's acquired most of their Cocker's from what was then said to
be the most famous parti-color Cocker kennel in the country, the Honey Creek Kennel.
Calvin went home a very happy little boy with his first dog, a beautiful red and white Cocker Spaniel
male by the name of Creekwood Chieftain (call name – Socko).
Socko had one point, which the Wyngarden's put on him as a puppy, but he grew to be one inch too tall
so he couldn't finished his championship. This was fine with Calvin's parents because they only
wanted a pet for Calvin, or so they thought.
The Wyngarden's told Calvin and his family to bring Socko back when he needed to be groomed and
they would teach them how to groom him.
Six weeks later Calvin and his dad drove back up to the Creekwood Kennel to learn how to groom
that would keep her from ever showing.  She had a pink rim around one eye.  But, this fault didn't stop
her from being a sweet, loving companion and a great addition to the family along with Socko.
Calvin's dad purchased (Pinky) Miss Showoff on an agreement to breed her to Ch. Honey Creeks
Heirloom and the Wyngarden's got the first pick puppy, a bitch by the name of Ch.Creekwood Calico
Lou. Calvin and his family kept a male, which they named King Richard, after Richard Wyngarden's.
INTERESTING PEDIGREE: Honey Creeks breeding program
Ch. Honey Creek Havana was bred to her litter brother Ch. Honey Creek Heirloom. The resulting litter
produced Ch. Creekwood Corsage and Creekwood Chessman. Chessman bred back to his own mother
produced Ch. Creekwood Mr. Big and Creekwood Miss Showoff (Pinky)
Calvin started working with Socko and in 1949 Calvin won his first blue ribbon with him in Junior
Showmanship at the Skyline Kennel Club under Judge Norma Warner, at the age of nine, and he has
been exhibiting his dogs ever since.
It wasn't long before
Pinky, the beautiful little girl that couldn't be shown due to her fault  and Calvin
the young boy with an awful illness that couldn't go out and play with his friends for a good long time,
but worked with his dogs every day, Calvin's mother, a dedicated school teacher who had a good eye
for correct movement in dogs and his father a successful business man and manager of a large
printing company, who soon learned to show dogs along with his son Calvin, were about to make
history in the dog world.  
Scioto Bluff Kennel was soon to be known all over the world as one of the most famous kennels of
it's time, and the Cocker Spaniel that made this kennel so famous was Pinky's Grandson SCIOTO
BLUFF SINBAD, the first dog of all breed to have sired over 100 champions.  
Ch. Scioto Bluff’s Sinbad went on to become the Top Producing Dog (OF ALL BREEDS) of all times (at
that time) with 118 champions and had Champions on every Continent.  He also has a very
impressive show record. He won the variety at the National 3 consecutive years and also won Best
in Show at the National.
Ch. Scioto Bluff’s La Pattie
Handled by Howard Reno
under Judge Mrs Will Judy.
Mrs. Judy’s husband was
publisher of Dog World
Magazine at the time.
went Winners Dog in ascobs. Cal’s
bitch Ch. Scioto Bluff’s Scrumptious
handled here by Ron Fabis went Best
In Sweepstakes in Ascobs and
Winners Bitch in Ascobs under Judge
Mr. Charlie Cobb Breed by Calvin
Scioto Bluff’s Blueberry, Went Best In
sweeps and went  Best Of Opposite
Sex to Best Of Breed over 20
champions. From Puppy Class
Bred/Owned/Handled by Calvin
She went Best in Sweepstakes in
Ascobs and Winners Bitch in
Ascobs under Judge Mr. Charlie
Breed by Calvin
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